Classes Offered

Come with a friend or take group classes on your own and make new friends. Dancing is all about connection to the music, to each other, and the new people you'll meet.

Group Classes

Group classes are offered in 4 week sessions Class prices are as follows:$60.00 for 4 classes$108.00 for 8 classes **Best Deal**

Class Policies
  • Classes are 55 min. in length

  • Entering or graduating to higher levels by instructor approval only

  • There are no credits or make ups for unused or left-over classes

  • No refunds after first class

  • No drop-ins once session has begun

  • Management reserves the right to refuse admission

Bronze and Silver

Bronze and Silver classes will follow the NDCA American style syllabus (step list). The National Dance Council of America is the official governing council for Ballroom Dancing and Dancesport in the United Stated of America. This is also the preferred syllabus for all sanctioned Dancesport Competitions. These classes will be divided into two 4 week sessions desiginated as A and B. Session A will cover the American Smooth dances Foxtrot, Waltz and Tango. Session B will cover the American Rhythm dances ChaCha, Rumba and East Coast Swing.



Beginning Bronze (Ballroom I) Monday 7pm

This is undoubtedly the most important level, where you will build the foundation for your future dancing. You will be introduced to the basics and experience your first steps in Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Cha-cha, Rumba and East Coast Swing.


Intermediate Bronze (Ballroom II) Monday 8pm

Continuing on, this level will deliver even more enjoyment in your dancing with a larger menu of great steps and proper technique for the most popular American Smooth and Rhthym dances.


Full Bronze (Ballroom III) Monday 9pm

At this level you will work on the finishing touches that will make you a complete and accomplished social dancer. Mastery of the Bronze Level will provide you with the skills to be a sought after dance partner and to join the ranks of the dancers that everyone else watches!


Silver (Ballroom IV) Tuesday 7pm

Here you will learn American Continuity style and begin to glide around the floor like the pro's. In the Rhythm dances your Cuban hip motion and rhythmical expression will begin to take on the style of a stand out dancer.

Advanced Classes

Once you have mastered the Bronze and Silver Levels these Advanced classes will introduce the skills, knowledge and styling only the very best dancers possess. Enrollment into the following classes requires an audition or a special instructor recommendation.


Advanced Smooth / Tuesday 8pm

Mireille Gineste, a true rising star in the Professional Smooth division, will take your smooth dancing to a whole other level. She has a lifetime of dancing, training, performing and competing to share with your dancing can soar!


Advanced Rhythm / Tuesday 9pm

This class will be taught by the fabulous Ron Okubo. Through his expertise in rhythm dancing, accomplished by years of continuing education with the top coaches in the world and his competitive sucess, Ron will elevate your rhythm dancing to a level most people only dream of achieving!